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Real-time Data Streaming

Open data streams to be pushed or pulled upon request.

Data Analytics

Specialist modules filter, extract and analyze incoming data in real-time.

Live Dashboarding

Flexible, user-centric, real-time dashboarding with user-specific access restrictions.

Data Storage

Cloud-based, scalable, secure data storage at locations within the Netherlands.

Data Fusion &

Combining the best characteristics of multiple data sources to achieve optimal estimates and predictions.

Reports &

Client access to their data via secure export services.


Visualize and Analyze Urban Data
Ubiquitous data is everywhere. We bundle data from various sources into a single platform to enable easy access and enrichments of the data types and sources.
Develop New IT-based Solutions
We have only just begun to uncover the potential of ubiquitous (open) data. Together with our partners, we continue to identify and operationalize new data-driven city-management applications.
Data-driven city management comes with challenges. City Analytics is experienced in designing, installing, operating and leveraging sensing systems in the urban environment. We are here to support your needs and goals.


Worldwide, cities are under increasing pressure to stay mobile while dealing with increasing populations, tourism, and now COVID-19. City officials and administrators rarely have real-time data regarding accurate crowdedness of their public spaces resulting in difficulties in ensuring the safe management of these spaces.

City Analytics was created to enable city officials to ensure the safety of their citizens and visitors through data-driven analytics and decision support systems. This allows the right resources to be deployed to the right location at the right time. Furthermore, insights are gained regarding trends in key areas so that planners can adapt these public spaces to the needs of the future.

Whether a special event, a summer concert series, or a beautiful Saturday, our technology gives city officials the peace of mind that their organizations have the tools and information necessary to keep crowd densities at bay and people enjoying the lovely spaces the city has to offer.

Born from years of research into crowd and pedestrian behaviour, our products and services are developed to use state of the art technology while maintaining the highest level of privacy. This is achieved through privacy by design where our technology strips the data of characteristics of the individual. With this level of assurance, we work with cities to develop solutions to their individual needs and mitigate issues before they occur.

How does your city currently deal with crowd management? How can we help you prepare for a safe and secure future?

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