We have a range of experience in transportation engineering, data analytics, and software development. We capitalize on this expertise to develop state of the art solutions and advise on the best practices in the industry.

Digital Twin’ing

Digital twins are an innovative tool for stakeholders to manage and plan for events, projects, and investments. Through integrating pedestrian and other mobility data streams into digital twins, stakeholders can gain a holistic view of the mobility system and become better prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

Sensor network design

Sensors are all around us, from CCTV cameras and Wi-Fi sensors to our smart phones and traffic loops. It is challenging, however, to implement the most cost effective sensor placements while installing the latest technology developments. We work with researchers and sensor developers to understand the capabilities of sensor types and apply this knowledge in designing sensor networks aligned with your priorities.

Active mode management

Managing crowds, pedestrians, and bicycle traffic present many challenges to city officials. These traffic flows are dynamic, versatile, and self regulating; however, events, constraints, and interacting with other modes present safety and service challenges. We are experienced in developing and implementing best practices to overcome these challenges.

Active mode infrastructure modelling and design

Planning, designing, and building the right infrastructure is critical in enhancing active transport modes. Using best practices and context specific designs, we can help your city provide comfortable, safe, and reliable infrastructure.

Modelling and design

Models and simulations are only as good as the data and information they are provided. We understand the key metrics needed to make realistic, trustworthy simulations to plan for key events and improvements.

Software development

Developing reliable, intuitive, and user friendly software is is key in bringing new technologies to the market. We have and work with experienced back-end, front-end, and user interface software developers to provide a seamless user experience.

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