Our Team

Meet our exceptional City Analytics team.

Matt Bearden CEO

Dorine Duives CTO

Matt is a transportation engineer and project manager with a passion for improving livability in cities. In 2018, Matt relocated to the Netherlands to experience first-hand the livability of Dutch cities and how to leverage smart city technologies to enhance the quality and resilience of urban spaces. Leveraging technology for the safety and service of public spaces, City Analytics is a perfect fit for Matt’s entrepreneurial mindset.

Dorine is an experienced researcher and assistant professor dedicated to solving complex mobility challenges. Dorine’s research has developed and applied new models and approaches for monitoring and managing crowds and pedestrian flows. As a result, City Analytics was born to bring these innovative approaches to the market and enhance the tools available to crowd management professionals for empowering data-driven decisions to be made regarding crowd safety and service.

Vincent Gong CPO

Xinyi Wang Analyst

Vincent brings to City Analytics software engineering expertise along with his doctoral research into the utilization of social media data for crowd management. From highlighting critical data needs to developing practical solutions for the many challenges in developing software, Vincent has the expertise to excel as the Chief Product Officer at City Analytics.

Xinyi completed her master’s in Transport and Planning at TU Delft with her thesis on crowd management. She brings a fresh perspective into the state of pedestrian traffic engineering and the directions to evolve our crowd management technology. With her background in transportation engineering, data analysis, and entrepreneurial spirit, Xinyi’s insights help guide the implementation of our technology.